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Snake Charmer

Two-year-old C sits on his portable potty to pee. He stands, picks up the container part of the potty and starts swirling it around, searching for results.


He turns it upside down and shakes it.


Again he sits, stands, swirls, shakes.

Again nothing.

He becomes distraught.

C: It won't work!

His teacher: You must not have to pee right now, C.

C, not calming down: It's broken!

Teacher: What's broken?

C: My thingie. (He grabs and shakes his penis roughly. Jumps up and down. Moves his hips quickly side to side. Manhandles himself a bit more.) It's broken! It's broken! It won't work! It won't pee!

Without warning, he hauls off and smacks his own penis--hard!

Me: Maybe your penis needs a nap before it can pee. It's SO tired. Plus you hit it really hard. It needs a nap to feel better.

C: Oh. (thinks a moment) Ok.

He happily gets his pull-up and heads back to his classroom.

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