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Do you have a passion for making a positive difference in the lives of young children every single day? Are you hungry for more opportunities to deepen your practice and to change the future of education for the better?


You’re not alone!


I am an Early Childhood Consultant and Aesthetic Education Specialist with almost thirty years of experience as a classroom and studio teacher, a pedagogical coach, and an arts integration consultant. I have always had a deep desire to help other early childhood professionals become stronger supporters of young children’s creativity, curiosity, and confidence.


I design engaging and practical workshops and play-shops that provide educators and families with unique professional development experiences that support reflective practices and nurture a life-long love of learning.



My clients are primarily ECE professionals who understand that children are more than just empty vessels to be filled with information; together, we know that young children are fully individual and capable human beings who deserve authentic and engaging experiences that cater to their specific interests and strengths.


We care deeply about young children and recognize the power of childhood to shape a person’s future success and relationship with the world. In a world where tomorrow’s jobs are based on skills and tools that don’t yet exist, we know that it is more important than ever to instill in young children a life-long love of learning.


You can’t do that with worksheets.

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